U-Heal® vs. Traditional Wound Care


Traditional Approach

Wound can remain uncovered - open to healing air flow In addition to medication, wound is bandaged - healing air flow is restricted
Eliminates* direct pressure - wound is "Surrounded and Elevated" above support surface – allows free flow of air and healing blood circulation Direct pressure on wound from support surface further blocks air flow and restricts healing blood circulation to the wound

* See pressure mapping scans below

Pressure Mapping Scans

Hip / Trochanter View Larger

Without Device

With Device

hip/trochanter pressure map comparison

Buttocks / Coccyx View Larger

Without Device

With Device

buttocks/coccyx pressure map comparison

The Obvious is unseen until someone expresses it simply.


Skin Pressure Protector - Eliminates Direct Pressure on Wounds

"Pressure created by contact with support surfaces – and the resulting restriction of air flow and blood circulation – significantly slows the process of successful wound healing."

H. K. - Inventor of U-Heal®

Successful treatment of wounds can be very complicated. The new watchword in wound care is Prevention and U-Heal® is the new proactive approach.

U-Heal® is an innovative non-contact wound care product with a unique, proven and patented approach to successful wound healing. U-Heal® dramatically challenges other products by "breaking the rules" of the traditional – and often ineffective - approach to wound healing.

U-Heal®'s proactive approach may help prevent pressure ulcers by "Surrounding and Elevating" affected areas above support surfaces.

This totally eliminates direct surface contact with the wound allowing air flow and blood circulation to naturally aid in the healing of wounds.

U-Heal® further enhances the body's own powerful healing process by eliminating the need to cover the surface of the wound with a barrier medication or bandage – unless medically desired.

The result is significant improvement in both wound healing outcomes – and patient comfort.

A One-of-a-Kind Solution

"Until now, this simple concept of surrounding and elevating a wound has not been thought of or thought thru, or has been completely ignored."

H.K. - Inventor of U-Heal®

U-Heal® is the only wound healing approach specifically designed to totally eliminate direct pressure on the wound.*

This patented product is the ONLY solution that "Surrounds and Elevates" the wound above the support surface – the wound does not make direct contact with the support surface.

With all other solution designs, there is pressure on the wound from direct contact with the support surface.

U-Heal® Skin Pressure Protector:

  • Effectively eliminates pressure on both soft tissue and bony prominences
  • Is anatomically universal on the body - it may be positioned
    north, south, east or west
  • Is easily positioned and adjusted
  • Typically does not require repositioning
  • Is capable of supporting multiple body parts
  • Reduces risk of damage to healing tissue
  • Very cost effective – can significantly reduce use of medications, dressings & nursing time required
  • Enhances patient comfort

FDA filings for 2009 and 2010. The FDA approvable materials may improve the condition of affected or susceptible regions.

U-Heal® is patented and has been reviewed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy - a Declaration under 37 C.F.R. 131 is available upon request.